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Organic Gluten Free Wholesome Wrap

Organic Gluten Free Wholesome Wraps

These are one of the favourites with the kids. They can add any of the toppings they like, and have them sweet or savoury. These Organic Gluten Free Wholesome Wraps are handmade and hand-baked, which means they will be all be slightly different, but all are made to the same recipe.

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Organic Gluten Free Mixed Nuts

Mixed Nuts

Everyone loves nuts, but it can be really hard to complete a whole bag of the same type, especially day after day. I may love Almonds but I don’t want to marry them. So.. a bag of mixed nuts is the answer to having your nuts, keeping excited and loving what you have. These Organic […]

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Organic Gluten Free English Crumpets

One of our first success stories is the Organic Gluten Free English Crumpet. These are a great product and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, tea, snacks. They are a great base for many different kinds of meals, and kids and adults love them. English Crumpets   This is going to be a great product […]

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